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Perfect so far!
Dennis E.
I live in Haines and in January 2017 I purchased a Toyota Van when I was visiting Sitka. I never considered our State Ferry System wouldn’t have a single ferry scheduled from Sitka to Juneau for the whole month of January.

During the delay I received a phone call from the Company I was purchasing the van from and was informed my van needed to go to Mendenhall Auto for a Recall before I could receive it. They also informed me the Ticket to Juneau would be paid for by Toyota. On the 26th of February they finally had a ferry going to Juneau so they said they would plan to put it on the ferry then.

I called Mendenhall Auto and ended up speaking to Jeremy Hall. I wanted to find out how long it would take for them to do the work on my van so I could reserve a spot on the ferry to Haines. I was also concerned about all the stuff I purchased in Sitka and had stuffed into the van. I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be in the way of the Mechanics.

Jeremy first asked me for the VIN # to make sure my van was the on the list coming from Sitka. He soon found out they hadn’t even put the van they had me almost two months earlier, on the list to come to Juneau. Jeremy fixed the problem and made sure my van would be put on the next ferry. He also said he would willing to personally unload and reload all the lead-line, Gillnet Web, the 9.9 outboard, TV, and brailer bags so it wouldn’t be in the way of the Mechanics. I had purchased all that stuff in Sitka before I new the van needed to be worked on in Juneau.

Jeremy also arranged for Toyota to pay from Juneau to Haines since they would have paid for the van to go back to Sitka.

I will always recommend Mendenhall Auto after this Jeremy made my two months of waiting almost not to pretty bad.
Kenneth G.
I bout two cars there and they didn't want top dollar for them that was nice and they have coffee and t.v. for the kids
David W.
Locally owned and operated dealership that has been taking care of Juneau's drivers and their vehicles for over 25 years!
Oksana M.

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